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The Spa at The Adelaide Hotel Toronto offers guests both a full menu of signature treatments allowing you to customize your experience in one luxurious beauty destination. Treat yourself with a renewed sense of well being.

Conveniently located on the 31st Floor, our direct extension number #5595

90 Min | $360

Skin is perfectly hydrated, plumped and smoothed. Features are smoothed out and signs of fatigue erased. In the Intensive version of this Facial a 99.9% pure native collagen mask plumps the tissues and redefines the contours of the face. Source of Bisses reveals skin that is full of moisturizing water, lastingly hydrated… simply glorious.

75 Min | $265

The skin is regenerated, radiant and firm. A vital treatment for overstrained, lifeless skin. Vitality of the Glaciers is suitable for all skin types and is especially recommended for city dwellers for its oxygenating and detoxifying action. This facial incorporates a collagen sheet mask for maximum results.

45 min | $155

A comprehensive and targeted treatment to eliminate wrinkles, bags, dark circles and puffiness through the use of lymphatic drainage and reflexology of the eye area in addition to highly concentrated Collagen masks. The youth and radiance of the eyes is restored stimulating collagen synthesis to visibly rejuvenate the eyes.

50 MIN | $165

This treatment addresses the specific skin care needs of men, with close attention to ingrown hairs and uneven skin tone caused by sun damage, stress and travel.

25 min / $75 each

Green Tea infused warm oil Scalp Massage
Hot Stone Foot Massage
Hand and arm massage with paraffin wax application

$25 each

Added to your Facial without increasing your treatment time:
Hot Oil Scalp Treatment
Seaweed eye revitalizer
Hand Paraffin

Vitamin C Antioxidant Facial
50 MIN | $165

Suggested Add on : SIGNATURE FACELIFT® Peel $45

This rejuvenating treatment lightens, brightens and tightens the skin while soothing botanicals reduce redness and add vital hydration. Fine lines and wrinkles are plumped and smoothed for an instant Age later® transformation. This comprehensive treatment combines Tri-C Complex™ with correcting hydroxy acids, powerful peptides, stem cells, and a unique blend of intensely hydrating ingredients to treat Rosacea, dry/dehydrated, aging and sun damaged skin.

50 MIN | $165

Suggested Add on : Lightening Lift Peel $45

Designed to rebalance tired, stressed and dull looking skin with highly potent anti-oxidants, and soothing botanicals. This treatment will help to naturally rebalance, regenerate, restore and soothe your skin with organic ingredients and can be customized with powerful antibacterial ingredients to fight acne without irritating delicate skin. Highly recommended for all skin types, sensitive, irritated, oily and acne-prone skin.

30 MIN | $145

Quench your skin with high doses of the most sophisticated forms of Vitamin C for extreme rejuvenation. Fruit enzymes blended in an organic aloe vera base visibly reduce redness and brighten the skin while hyaluronic acid provides superior hydration. These highly active enzymes speed up cellular turnover to brighten, tighten and lighten your skin. A course of 6 is recommended for best results.

Skin type indications: Redness-prone, dry/dehydrated, smoker’s skin, tired/ dull, oily/acne

30 MIN | $145

This brightening treatment gently blends lactic acid and a cocktail of brightening agents to reduce all forms of pigmentation and the redness caused by rosacea. A course of 6 is recommended for best results.

Skin type indications: Pigmentation, aging, dry/dehydrated, uneven skin tone, age spots, redness-prone


60 MIN / $175 | 90 MIN / $255

Begin your sensory journey with a tailored aromatherapy inhalation ritual, our relaxing Swedish massage focuses on the superficial layers of the muscles. We customize your session with gentle or moderate pressure and give added attention to the areas of the body most in need.

60 MIN / $180 | 90 MIN / $260

This massage focuses on the deeper layers of the muscles and connective tissue, using intense slower strokes to release myofascial restrictions in the body & break up restrictive scar tissue.

60 MIN $180 | 90 MIN / $260

Feel the warmth of nature as smooth river stones are heated and gently massaged over the body with light to moderate pressure, warming the muscles to promote deep restorative relaxation.

60 MIN / $180 | 90 MIN $260

By combining a blend of healing essential oils with a therapeutic massage technique, tension and stress simply fade away. This treatment is proven to help with migraines, sinus pain, fatigue and low energy.

60 MIN / $180

This special harmonious massage is designed to indulge the expectant mother-to-be. This pre-natal treatment works to help ease and calm the mother’s union with her body by relieving lower back pain, water retention and sciatica for optimal relaxation.

25 MIN / $75 Each

Hot Oil Scalp Massage
Hot Stone Foot Massage

$25 Each

These treatments can be added to your Massage without increasing your treatment time:
Hydrating Acai Berry Butter
Hot Stone Muscle Melt
Dry Brush Exfoliation
Hot Oil Scalp Massage

Body Treatments

A focus on healing and re-balancing the body through the use of raw ocean elements which include Pacific Seaweed, Canadian Glacial Clay & Sea Salts all hand harvested in Northern British Columbia. Free of harsh cosmetic chemicals and sustainably produced in Canada, these treatments infuse vital minerals while detoxifying and offering an advanced level of holistic care.

Organic Acai Berry Polish & Wrap
60 MIN / $185

Skin is treated through the anti-oxidant power of raw organic Acai Berry and Rainforest butter to repair damage, target signs of age, correct moisture levels and protect skin from harsh environmental factors. This treatment includes a luxurious exfoliating wrap followed with an anti-oxidant rich emulsion to complete.

Lavender Mango Butter Wrap
60 MIN / $185

This treatment heals, calms and promotes deep relaxation with pure French Lavender. Your experience begins with a gentle Lavender Exfoliation, you will then be cocooned in a Lavender Mango Butter wrap. A nourishing Lavender Soy Lotion is applied to complete the treatment.

45MIN / $145

Combining Ocean Elements with relaxation massage to reduce pain, inflammation, and target issues such as fatigue, jet lag and insomnia. This back treatment promotes deep relaxation and healing. Infusing key minerals to improve circulation and achieve mind/body balance.

Coastal Seaweed balancing Ritual
60 MIN / $185

This Body Balancing Ritual incorporates the age old practices of true Thalassotherapy, healing through the use of raw ocean elements, to promote Re-mineralizing and internal rebalancing. A Green Tea Seaweed Salt Exfoliation is followed by our Glacial Clay detoxifying Mud wrap. The treatment is completed with application of our Glacial Revitalizing Mist and hydrating Seaweed Body Butter.

Nail Bar

40 MIN / $55

This indulgent treatment begins with a warm soak followed by meticulous cuticle work and buffing. Finish with a light scrub, massage and intense moisturizer with a polish of your choice.

50 MIN / $70

Relax and unwind as you reap the benefits of our classic manicure coupled with a hydrating masque that will nourish and revitalize your hands.

45 MIN / $65

Experience our classic manicure with the use of our no chip gel application.

30 MIN / $45

This soothing manicure includes cuticle work, shaping, exfoliation and is completed with a relaxing massage.

50 MIN / $80

Enjoy a warm foot soak followed by meticulous cuticle work and buffing. A light scrub and massage provide moisture and conditioning prior to a polish application of your choice.

60 MIN / $95

De-stress while we restore suppleness to your tired feet. For the ultimate experience we envelop your feet with a rejuvenating and invigorating masque.

60 MIN / $90

Indulge in our classic pedicure with the application of our gel lacquer.

45 MIN / $65

Relax, refresh and recharge your feet with a warm soak followed by our meticulous up keep regiment.

45 MIN / $125

Specifically targets poor circulation, fluid retention, fatigue and pain. This treatment includes a warmed seaweed foot wrap and mask and finishes with a healing massage using our Green Tea Indian Spice Serum. The perfect pick me up after a long flight, Marathon or day spent in heels.

Suggested add on: Polish change

Wellness Journeys

Immerse yourself in a day of absolute indulgence with our curated collection of luxury wellness retreats available exclusively at the Spa at The Adelaide Hotel. A series of treatments customized to your preferences, Wellness Journeys are carefully designed for those seeking the ultimate spa day featuring lavish but result driven treatments for the mind, body, and soul. An experience beyond expectation awaits.

AWAKEN | Energize in the Sky
2 HOURS / $290

The perfect escape, 31 floors up. This energizing retreat revitalizes the body and mind and helps to awaken the skin and restore the body equilibrium. The journey begins with a Vitality of the Glaciers Energy Facial, a favorite amongst city dwellers for its detoxifying and oxygenating techniques which help to aid in the preservation and repair of the skin at the cellular level.

A basalt hot stone foot massage then soothes and softens the muscles, followed by an application of your chosen organic paraffin wax to hydrate the skin and increase circulation. You will then be transported to a blissful state of mind with a Green Tea infused Scalp Massage.

Complete your journey towards enlightenment with a Sunshine Smoothie, made freshly in-house by our Chef, while you relax at our Spa Lounge or by the infinity-edge saltwater pool.

  • Vitality of the Glaciers Energy Facial (60 min)
  • Green Tea Indian Spiced Scalp Massage (25 min)
  • Hot Stone Foot Massage with Paraffin Application (25 min)
  • Sunshine Smoothie

DETOX | Art of Healing
2 HOURS / $345

A complete reclamation process that will purify, cleanse, and renew the body and mind. This detoxifying retreat begins with a Dry Body Brush Enhancement to eliminate acids in the body, improve blood circulation and lymphatic drainage, release toxins and metabolic wastes and rejuvenate the nervous system. The journey continues with a customized Deep Tissue Massage which targets tight muscles and knots to dissipate tension in the body.

Afterwards, a complexion boosting Radiance Facial is performed to reveal glowing skin with refined texture. As you reach the end of the journey, nourish your cells with a Detox Smoothie, made freshly in-house by our Chef, while you relax at our Spa Lounge or by the infinity-edge saltwater pool.

  • Deep Tissue Massage (60 min)
  • Dry Body Brush Enhancement
  • Brightness of Ice Radiance Facial (60 min)
  • Detox Smoothie

REBIRTH | Fountain of Youth
3.15 HOURS / $445

Restore your inner and outer beauty with this intensely hydrating and detoxifying face and body ritual designed to illuminate your natural glow with Earth’s bountiful offerings. Your journey begins with the skin being enveloped with the anti-oxidant power of raw organic Acai Berry and Rainforest butter to repair damage, target signs of age, correct moisture levels and protect skin from harsh environmental factors with an Acai Berry wrap.

Once the body is properly nourished, we target the face where 99% Collagen proteins are used to firm, tone, plump, hydrate and define your facial contours. Results are immediate, leaving the skin looking supple, healthy, and luminescent.

The journey concludes with a customized Spa Manicure which allows you to choose from a variety of Organic Paraffin Aromas to suit your mood that day while sipping on a super food Berry smoothie, made freshly in-house by our Chef.

  • Organic Acai Berry Wrap (60 min)
  • Collagen Complete Hydrating Facial (75 min)
  • Spa Manicure (50 min)
  • Berry Smoothie
RECOVER | Gentleman’s Power Hour
60 MIN / $165

This restorative journey gets straight to the point with a deep tissue back massage and Gentleman’s Express Facial that will repair and recover your body and mind in just 60 minutes.

  • Deep Tissue Back Massage (30 min)
  • Gentleman’s Express Facial (30 min)
  • Recommended ADD ON: Hot Stone Enhancement ($25)

BESPOKE | Customize Your Journey

The Spa at The Adelaide Hotel recognizes that each guest, each face, and each body is unique. We will work with you to customize your very own journey and ensure each treatment meets your individual needs and delivers the benefits you seek. Our Spa Concierge would be pleased to assist you with recommendations for a truly personalized bespoke Journey.

Journey for Two

Sanctuary in the Sky – Take some time out with your other half to enjoy a customized Aromatherapy Massage side by side, with the added benefit of heat from your Hot Stone enhancement to leave your muscles in a state of deep relaxation.

A Radiance Facial complete with our Signature Butterfly Massage technique will target environmental damage leaving your skin glowing. Upon retreat to the lounge to relax you will be presented with chocolate dipped strawberries and a glass of prosecco to finish off your day of time outs.

  • Couples Aromatherapy Massage (60 min)
  • Targeted Hot Stone Enhancement
  • Brightness of Ice, Radiance Facial (60min )
  • Chocolate Strawberries and Prosecco

The Art of Escape
4.5 HRS / $620 PER PERSON

When jumping on a plane isn’t an option, the Staycation comes in a close second. Experience all of your favorite Spa treatments with a day full of pampering. Detox with a dry brush exfoliation followed by 90 minutes of bliss with your chosen blend of Aromatherapy Massage oils.

Enjoy our signature Valmont Facial with 99% pure collagen mask to leave your skin plumped, hydrated and glowing. Relax side by side with a customized Spa Manicure and Pedicure, allowing you to choose the aromas you love with a variety of organic paraffin options. A glass of Prosecco and a selection of Macaroons from our pastry kitchen will await you in the Spa Lounge after your day of bliss.

  • Dry Brush full body exfoliation
  • Aromatherapy Massage (90 min)
  • Source of Bisse, Collagen Complete Facial (75 min)
  • Spa Pedicure (60 min)
  • Spa Manicure (50 min)
  • Macaroons and Prosecco

Couples Customized Journey

Create a private sanctuary together as you indulge at The Spa. Please inquire with a spa concierge about customizable options for two.

Wedding & Spa Showers

Wedding Packages

Mr. & Mrs. to be …
90 minutes / $520

Breath deeply and enjoy a 90 Minute Couples Aromatherapy Massage with your choice of Enhancement in the lead up to your big day. Take some time to unwind in our whirlpool, before our massage experts melt your stresses away. Finish your day with a Glass of Prosecco and chocolate dipped strawberries.

Miss to Mrs.
2 hrs. / $405

Specially designed for the big day. Prepare your skin for photographs with our Valmont Collagen Complete Facial followed with an Organic Acai Berry Body Polish and wrap to leave your skin glowing.

Package includes a glass of Prosecco to finish the day.

Groom – ing
2 hrs. / $295

Especially for him. This wedding ritual begins with a Deep Tissue Massage followed by a Gentleman’s mini Facial and finishes with a Gentleman’s MAN – icure. Everything you need to prepare for your big day.

Spa Shower

Wedding Ready
1 hour / $200 per guest

60 Minute Customized Facial

Hot Oil Scalp Enhancement

Bridesmaid Bliss
2 hrs. Approx / $145 per guest

Spa Manicure and Spa Pedicure

with access to enjoy our Wet Facilities

Manicures and Mimosa’s
50 Minutes / $70 per guest

Spa Manicure

with access to enjoy our Wet Facilities

One Mimosa

Minimum 3 Guests. Price per person includes a complimentary glasses of Prosecco where Mimosa is not included, valet parking and full access to the Spa facilities. If wedding is booked at our Hotel, each member of the party will also receive a gift from The Spa.

Spa Information


If you are a mom-to-be or have health concerns, please let us know so we may consult with you on spa services that are recommended during this time.


Spa services are available to guests 18 years and older. Salon and Nail services are available to guests of any age.


We offer guests an opportunity to escape to a relaxing atmosphere. Please enjoy quiet conversation and refrain from using cell phones. The spa and pool are smoke-free environments. For complete privacy, please avoid camera usage in the spa.


Guests of the Spa will enjoy complimentary access to the men’s and women’s change rooms, relaxation lounge, as well as flavoured water, tea, and light snacks.

Access to the wet facilities with $100 minimum spend on spa services before HST.


We recommend arriving 30 minutes prior to your appointment to begin the relaxation experience. Arriving late will limit the time for your treatment, thus lessening its effectiveness and your pleasure. Your treatment will end on time so that the next guest will not be delayed.


In an effort to make your spa experience as seamless as possible, an 18 percent gratuity is automatically calculated for your convenience.


We kindly request a twenty-four hour notice of cancellation or reschedule to avoid a full service charge. Group reservations are subject to contracted agreement.


Gifts of relaxation are available through the spa concierge.


For bookings, please call +1 (416) 637-5595.

The Adelaide Hotel Toronto | 325 Bay Street (Located on the 31st Floor) Toronto, Ontario M5H 4G3

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